Silicon putty: two-part mold-making material

4 sets (30 grams) in pre-measured containers, with instructions.

Molded patterns, textures and sculptural elements can add a wonderful dimension and variety to your creations! Make your own from natural textures like shell and bark, or make an impression of antique buttons and molded ornamentation, or create duplicates of one of your own sculpted pieces easily, over and over!


If you haven't made molds yet, it's time!

This set contains four sets of silicon mold-making material and the instructions for using them. (It's a two-part mix that is activated when equal parts of the white and pink putties are thoroughly mixed!) It's sooo easy. No harmful fumes or residue.

I use this molding material constantly in my studio, I think you'll like it too. It has a longer mix time - up to 5 minutes and takes 20+ minutes to set. You can speed the set time up to 5 minutes by using LOW heat. (All this is covered in the instructions).

Once the mold is made, it can be used over and over and is even able to be baked in the oven filled with polymer clay, to insure that the impression has no distortions.

This mold material needs NO release agents and is wonderful to use with ceramic clay, air-dry clay, epoxy clay, metal clays of all kinds, resins, plaster, cement - just about everything!

The mold material is premeasured and ready to use!


Click here for how-to video

Silicon Mold-Making Kit (4 Sets)

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